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December 2002

Favourite Game Music Artists

Nobuo Uematsu
Yuzo Koshiro
Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.
Michael Giacchino
Noriyuki Iwadare
Grant Kirkhope
Chris Huelsbeck

Date of Birth

February 25, 1987

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Liverpool / Bristol / Oxford / Dunedin


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I founded the community of Square Enix Music Online at the end of June 2006. While the site's name reflects its humble origins, the site has grown into a general resource for both Western and Eastern game music. It now covers so many long-running series with its extensive album and book information, review database, concert coverage, and song lyrics. Uniquely, the site provides coverage of game music's most significant composers with authoratitive biographies and discographies. It is also the only English site that provides regularly updated music news about concerts, new releases, and artist developments.

As for me, I am currently an aspiring biochemistry student. Having recently achieved a first class degree through the joint Bachelor's / Master's program at the University of Oxford, I have started an international PhD researching tuberculosis down in New Zealand. I'm highly self-motivated and don't get stressed easily so I tend to enjoy the academic side of university life. I also have a decent social life and a few hobbies I'm really passionate about. Of course, contributing to both Square Enix Music Online and building its successor are among those. As a good multitasker, I'm able to combine tedious activities with interesting ones, which ensures work never really becomes intolerable. I basically work and play hard, sometimes at the sacrifice of sleep, and all because I want to.

While my musical background was initially quite formal, it was only when I discovered the works of Nobuo Uematsu on the Final Fantasy series that I became truly passionate about music and it soon became more an obsession of mine. Before that, I did enjoy classic soundtracks such as the Amiga's Lemmings and SNES' Super Mario World, but it wasn't enough for me to hunt down the soundtracks like I did for Final Fantasy VII. Fortunately, I became interested in game music just at the start of the PlayStation era, as composers were growing more creative and technology was becoming less restrictive. As a result, I was able to observe numerous breakthroughs: the first full orchestral scores in Western games, the development of massive stylistic diversity in the Japan scene, the appearance of numerous major film and popular artists on best-selling titles, and, of course, the spread of symphonic game music concerts around the world.

Though I probably wasn't good enough to pursue music as a career, I am nevertheless an experienced musician. I received classical training in composition, harmony, and theory from a young age up to advanced level. In addition, I regularly perform piano, saxophone, and clarinet as a solo and ensemble performer. I think this background is often reflected in many reviews and articles for the site, which often focus on the creativity and artistry. I'm also now a fan of a range of other types of music, spanning jazz artists, rock bands, cinematic cues, to even a bit of cheesy pop or hip-hop, whether in game music productions or original albums. I get bored quite easily, so I am always looking for new albums to supplement my collection.

As a bit of a wanderer, Square Enix Music Online will remain a significant self-imposed responsibility in my life, but while it requires a huge amount of time and effort to maintain it, I will happily contribute towards doing so. Why? This site means an incredibly large amount to me and I enjoy contributing to it, driven by my passion for music and writing. Thankfully, these activities are rarely at the compromise of my work as a scientist and — now that I'm more efficient than ever — I still manage to have an enjoyable personal and romantic life too. If I have anything to ask of the visitors here, it is to appreciate the hard work of the wonderful supporting staff here. Without their enthusiasm, dedication, and selflessness, I know that this site would be nothing now. If you ever want to make us happier and ensure we continue, be sure to visit regularly and consider contributing or supporting us. Thank you for reading, enjoy the site, and never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Site Role

As the site's webmaster, founder, and owner, I oversee all content additions, manage the finances, administer the forum, and lead the staff and contributor team. I update the site on a regular basis to deal with all review submissions, create the music news, maintain the composer section of the site, and add album information, lyrics, etc. when needed. I also attempt, and often fail, to keep up with the neverending backlog of emails from site contributors and visitors.

Over my time at the site, I've written nearly 1000 fairly indepth reviews about a range of soundtracks. I've tried to mix reviews of famous soundtracks with exposing some more rare albums. I have particularly focused my attentions on Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Disgaea, Zelda, Megami Tensei, Gradius, and Ys. In addition, I have pioneered new coverage of Capcom, Namco, Falcom, Sega, From Software, and Western game music on the site. My next targets are the Dragon Ball, Samurai Spirits, Langrisser, and Sim series.

Contributed Reviews

Album Title Catalog No.
0 Day Attack on Earth Original Soundtrack iTunes
1080° Snowboarding Original Soundtrack PCCG-00454
1942 Joint Strike Original Soundtrack iTunes
2 Days or Die iTunes
2197 TTRC-0028
3D Dot Game Heroes Original Soundtrack SVWC-7659
3D Infinity Original Soundtrack iTunes
A Boy and His Blob Original Soundtrack iTunes
Ace Combat 2 Original Soundtrack Promotional
Ace Combat 2 Original Sound Invitation SCEG-765
Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Original Soundtrack ZMCX-104
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack SCDC-00146/7
Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War Original Soundtrack KICA-1346/9
Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation Original Soundtrack KICA-1451/3
Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War Original Soundtrack KICA-1398/9
ActRaiser ALCA-105
Advent Rising - Music from the Video Game SE-2019-2
After Burner 20th Anniversary Box WM-0581/6
After Burner - S.S.T. Band PCCB-00032
After Burner II, Yu-Suzuki Produce MJCAX-00007
After Burner Climax Soundtrack WM-0536
Air Combat 22, Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 18 VICL-15040
Alpha Promotional
Alpha Protocol Original Soundtrack Promotional
Amagami Original Soundtrack TRCD-10086/8
Anata o Yurusanai Original Soundtrack DERP-10001
Another Mind Original Soundtrack SSCX-10024
Arc the Lad I & II Soundtrack Complete VRCT-4002/3
Arc the Lad Original Game Soundtrack VRCH-4001
Arc the Lad Piano Album VRCH-5005
Arc the Lad II Original Game Soundtrack VRCH-5002
Arc the Lad III Original Game Soundtrack VRCH-4004
Arc the Lad Generation Original Soundtrack KICA-1342
Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits Original Game Soundtrack VRCL-4007
Arkanoid DS Audio Planet SRIN-1036
Arkanoid Live! Original Soundtrack ZTTL-9018
Arkanoid Returns Original Soundtrack ZTTL-9012
Armored Core Original Music Files FSF-ST001
Armored Core Original Best Track ABCA-40
Armored Core 2 Original Soundtrack ABCA-69
Armored Core 3 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7136
Armored Core 4 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7425
Armored Core for Answer Original Soundtrack SVWC-7540
Armored Core Formula Front Official Soundtrack ACFFCD
Armored Core Last Raven Original Soundtrack SVWC-7278
Armored Core Machine Side Box Best Soundtrack Promotional
Armored Core Nexus Original Soundtrack SVWC-7311/2
Armored Core Silent Line Original Soundtrack SSVX-10085
Armored Core Tribute Album - The Answer OCRA-0021
Atelier Lilie Another Story -Hermina and Culus- Original Soundtrack 0102101
Banjo-Kazooie Game Soundtrack Promotional
Banjo-Tooie CD Soundtrack Promotional
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts Original Soundtrack SE-2059-2
Baroque Original Soundtrack SSCX-10021
Baroque - Music from the Original Soundtrack STMC-118
Bayonetta Original Soundtrack WWCE-31212/6
Bayonetta - Rodin's Selection Promotional
Be Filled With Feeling TTRC-0001
Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu 0289 476 395-6
Best of the Best Collector's Edition Promotional
Biohazard Soundtrack Remix TYCY-5511
Biohazard Symphony Op. 91 Crime and Punishment CPCA-1010
Biohazard 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1001
Biohazard 2 Complete Track CPCA-1011
Biohazard 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1032/3
Biohazard Code Veronica Original Soundtrack CPCA-1037
Biohazard: I Won't Let This End as a Dream - Fumitaka Fuchigami TODT-3706
Biohazard Sound Chronicle Best Track Box CPCA-10104/9
Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Original Soundtrack CPCA-10213/4
Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles Darkside Symphony Promotional
Bionic Commando - The Soundtrack SE-2056-2
Bionic Commando - The Soundtrack Promotional
Bionic Commando Rearmed - The Soundtrack Promotional
Bionic Commando Rearmed: The Bionic Arm - Chris Kline Promotional
Black Mages III ~Darkness and Starlight~, The DERP-10002
Blade Dancer ~Lineage of Light~ Bonus Soundtrack Promotional
Blassreiter Original Soundtrack LACA-9123/4
Blood of Bahamut Original Soundtrack SQEX-10166
Boktai Sound Rare Tracks - East of the Sun & West of the Moon Promotional
Bouncer Original Soundtrack, The SSCX-10049/50
Bouncer Original Video Game Soundtrack, The TPCD 0204-2
Bouncer: Love is the Gift - Shanice Wilson, The UICE-5002
Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box CPCA-10146/56
Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack (Special Box Version) CPCA-10146/7
Breath of Fire II Original Soundtrack (Special Box Version) CPCA-10148/9
Breath of Fire II - The Chosen Child SRCL-3119
Breath of Fire III Original Soundtrack (Special Box Version) CPCA-10150/2
Breath of Fire III Original Soundtrack FSCA-10015
Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack CPCA-1043/4
Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter Original Soundtrack CPCA-1067/8
Call of Duty Black Ops Original Score iTunes
Capcom Fighting Jam Original Soundtrack CPCA-10101
Cave Voice Bowl - Celebrity Voice Premium Compilation Album CVST-0999
Castlevania 20th Anniversary Premium Music Collection KMUS-0001
Castlevania, Classic iTunes
Castlevania Circle of the Moon / Concerto of the Midnight Sun Soundtrack KMCA-162
Castlevania Lament of Innocence Original Soundtrack GFCA-32/3
Castlevania x Michiru Yamane Autobiography Music iTunes
Castlevania Minuet of Dawn / Cross of the Blue Moon Original Soundtrack LC-1453/4
Catherine Original Soundtrack SVWC-7746
Catherine Sound Disc N/A
Catherine Mini Album iTunes
Cellythm - Those Who Distorted DERP-10004
Chill SQ SQEX-10193
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon - Coi Vanni Gialli SSCX-10016
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2 Original Soundtrack SSCX-10026
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Labyrinth of Forgotten Time Original Soundtrack SQEX-10104
Chocobo and the Magic Books Original Soundtrack SQEX-10134/5
Chocobo and the Magic Book Original Soundtrack, The Best of iTunes
City of Heroes Going Rogue Original Soundtrack iTunes
Civilization IV Official Soundtrack Promotional
Civilization V Original Soundtrack 31818-7
Classic Dungeon ~Magic Team Assistance~ Original Soundtrack VGCD-0184
Classic Dungeon ~Magic Team Assistance~ Soundtrack 8bit Edition Promotional
Code Age Commanders Original Soundtrack SQEX-10053/4
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Original Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Original Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer Generals Original Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Original Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Music Disc Promotional
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Original Videogame Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer Renegade Original Soundtrack iTunes
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Original Soundtrack iTunes
Commando 3 Original Game Soundtrack, Wolf of the Battlefield iTunes
Concerto ~ The Extraordinary World of Concerto Gate NSLCD-0006
Contra, Classic iTunes
Contra Music CD HOGC-0016
Crime Crackers Original Game Soundtrack ARCJ-15
Crime Crackers 2 Original Soundtrack AYCM-596
Culdcept II Original Soundtrack SVWC-7083/4
Culdcept II Original Soundtrack Deluxe VGCD-0123
Culdcept Saga Original Soundtrack VGCD-0064
Custom Robo Music Theater OMCP-5/6
Daimakaimura ~ G.S.M. Capcom 1 D28B-0011
Dance! TTRC-0034
Dangun Feveron SGCD-0004
Dark Chronicle Premium Arrange KDSD-00034
Daytona USA Anniversary Box, Let's Go Away WM-0620/3
Daytona USA TYCY-5392
Daytona USA Circuit Edition Original Soundtrack TYCY-5392
Daytona USA 2 Soundtracks MJCA-00025
Dead Rising Original Soundtrack CPCA-10185
Dead Rising 2 Original Soundtrack SE-2099-2
Death by Cube Original Soundtrack iTunes
Death Smiles Arrange Album CVAS-005
Death Smiles IIX Music Pack Contents Original Soundtrack CVST-0017
Demento Original Soundtrack CPCA-10121
Devil May Cry Original Soundtrack CPCA-1096/7
Devil May Cry Sound DVD Book - The Sacred Heart ALDA-8001
Devil May Cry Dangerous Hits CPCA-10172
Devil May Cry Dante's Selection CAPJ-010823
Devil May Cry 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1098/9
Devil May Cry 2 Sound DVD Book - Dance With The Devil ALDA-8006
Devil May Cry 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10112/4
Devil May Cry 3 Sound DVD Book - Raising The Devil ALDA-8011
Devil May Cry The Animated Series Original Soundtrack VICL-62451
Devil Summoner Sound Collection Hyper Rearrange Collection Promotional
Dewy's Adventure Original Music Encyclopedia GFCA-54
Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack CD (US) 7250-Winter95
Diddy Kong Racing Original Soundtrack (Japan) 3009-1-1
Diddy Kong Racing Soundtrack, Higher, Faster, Further: The Original (Europe) 94034
Dig Soundtrack, The 724355556721
Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack CPCA-1029
Dino Crisis 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1046
Dino Crisis 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1073
Dinosaur, Music from KICA-1030
Dinosaur Complete FM Oscillator Version NW10102520
Dinosaur Resurrection Original Soundtrack NW10102530
Disgaea Original Soundtrack, Makai Senki SLPS-20250
Disgaea Arrange Soundtrack, Makai Senki MACM-2028
Disgaea Makai Arrange Collection Dark Label, Makai Senki SLPS-25608_EX
Disgaea Custom Soundtrack D09SD-CD001
Disgaea Portable Original Maxi Single, Makai Senki ULJS-00088_SI
Disgaea 2 Original Soundtrack, Makai Senki (Japan) SLPS-25607
Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories Best of Soundtrack (US) TSI-1703
Disgaea 2 Arrange Soundtrack, Makai Senki GNCA-1092
Disgaea 2 Portable Original Maxi Single, Makai Senki Promotional
Disgaea 3 Original Soundtrack, Makai Senki BLJS-10009
Disgaea 3 Arrange Soundtrack, Makai Senki KDSD-00192
Disgaea 3 Makai Theme Song Collection Devil Label, Makai Senki BLJS-10009_EX
DonPachi PCCB-00184
Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack, DK Jamz: The Original (US) DIDX-026334
Donkey Kong Country, La Bande Originale de (Europe) Promotional
Donkey Kong Country - Kong in Concert OCRA-0002
Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack, The Original (US) 7250-Winter95
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest - Serious Monkey Business OCRA-0017
Donkey Kong Country 3 Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Original Soundtrack (US) 1450-Winter96
Donkey Kong Country Trilogy 1470-Winter96
Donkey Kong Original Sound Version, Super (Japan) PSCN-5020
Donkey Kong Music CD - Jungle Fantasy, Super (Japan) PCCG-00328
Donkey Kong 2 Dixie & Diddy Original Sound Version, Super (Japan) PSCN-5049
Donkey Kong 3 Mysterious Kremis Original Sound Version, Super (Japan) TKCA-71091
Donkey Kong 64 Official Soundtrack Promotional
Donkey Kong 64 Soundtrack, Da Banana Bunch 3591140
Donkey Konga The Hottest Hits Promotional
Dracula Apocalypse Original Game Soundtrack, Akumajo KICA-7942
Dracula Best, Akumajo KICA-7901
Dracula Best 2, Akumajo KICA-7902/3
Dracula Best Music Collection Box, Akumajo GFCA-00195/213
Dracula Castlevania Chronicles Original Soundtrack, Akumajo KMCA-104/5
Dracula Curse of Darkness Original Soundtrack, Akumajo GFCA-34/5
Dracula Densetsu ReBirth & Contra ReBirth Original Soundtrack LC-1850
Dracula Gallery of Labyrinth Original Soundtrack, Akumajo LC-1541/2
Dracula Judgment Original Soundtrack, Akumajo GFCA-153
Dracula Music CD VX010-J1
Dracula Music Collection, Akumajo VX010-J1
Dracula Pachislot Original Soundtrack GFCA-173
Dracula Pachislot II Original Soundtrack GFCA-228
Dracula The Stolen Seal Original Soundtrack, Akumajo LC-1713/4
Dracula X, Akumajo KICA-7622/3
Dracula X Chronicle Original Soundtrack, Akumajo LC-1609/10
Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight Original Game Soundtrack KICA-7760
Drag-on Dragoon 2 Original Soundtrack AICL-1628
Drag-on Dragoon 2: Hitori - Mika Nakashima AICL-1616
Dragon Age Origins Original Videogame Score iTunes
Dragon Age Origins Collector's Edition Soundtrack Promotional
Dragon Age Origins Original Videogame Score iTunes
Dragon Breed PCCB-00006
Dragon Force Original Soundtrack POCX-1019
Dragon Force Complete Album SDC-0003/4
Dragon Force ~ GM-Progress 7, Genesis of MGCD-1018
Dragon Force II: When the Gods Abandoned the Earth MJCA-00019
Dragon Slayers, The Legend of H32X-20012
Einhänder Original Soundtrack SQEX-10099
Elebits, The Smile of You POCE-7348
Elvandia Story Original Soundtrack KDSD-00135
Epica Stella Original Soundtrack FSCA-10052
Enslaved Odyssey of the West Original Soundtrack Promotional
Era's End ACD1
ESPGaluda Original Soundtrack CVST-0001
ESPGaluda II Original Soundtrack CVST-0004
ESPGaluda II Reprint Soundtrack Promotional
ESPGaluda II Black Label Original Soundtrack CVST-0013
Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange Soundtracks SCDC-00320
Falcom Classics KICA-1201
Falcom Classics II Promotional
Falcom Game Music 28XA-179
Falcom Namba Collection KICA-1056
Falcom Special Box '89 K13X-23041/6
Falcom Special Box '90 169A-7717/20
Falcom Special Box '91 KICA-9001/4
Falcom Special Box '92 KICA-9009/11
Falcom Special Box '93 KICA-9012/5
Falcom Unpublished Music 2007 FUPM-07AU
Fighters Megamix Soundtrack TYCY-5550/1
Fighting Vipers Original Soundtrack POCX-1030
Fighting Vipers Sega Saturn Original Soundtrack POCX-1053
Fighting Vipers 2 The Sound Album MJCA-00022
Figurehead Original Soundtrack Promotional
Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version NTCP-5015/6
Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version NTCP-5001/3
Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale NTCP-5004
Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks PSDN-6101
Final Fantasy VI Stars N09D-023/4
Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks SQEX-10042
Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections SQEX-10020
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Original Soundtrack SQEX-10051/2
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks SQEX-10172
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mini Album iTunes
Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack SQEX-10005/8
Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec SQEX-10025
Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections SQEX-10027
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack SQEX-10013/6
Final Fantasy X Official Soundtrack TPCD 0211-2
Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack AVCD-17254
Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission Original Soundtrack AVCD-17388
Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection AVCD-17444
Final Fantasy X-2, Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ Music from AVCD-30444
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack SQEX-10017/8
Final Fantasy XI Rise of the Zilart Original Soundtrack SQEX-10034
Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack SQEX-10041
Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Original Soundtrack SQEX-10072
Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess Original Soundtrack SQEX-10113
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box SQEX-10088/94
Final Fantasy XI - Memories of Dusk and Dawn SQEX-10191
Final Fantasy XI - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel SQEX-10050
Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections SQEX-10117
Final Fantasy XI Premium Box Piano Collections SQEX-10094
Final Fantasy XI Premium Box Unreleased Tracks SQEX-10093
Final Fantasy XI - Sanctuary SQEX-10143
Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections SQEX-10196
Final Fantasy XIV Field Tracks SQEX-10203
Final Fantasy XIV Battle Tracks SQEX-10204
Final Fantasy 1994-1999, The Best of EAZ-4032
Final Fantasy Anthology, Music from Promotional
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack PCCG-00613
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Sound Selection Promotional
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time Original Soundtrack SQEX-10137
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King & Darklord Mini Album iTunes
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates Original Soundtrack SQEX-10101
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers Music Collections SQEX-10175/6
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers Special Soundtrack Promotional
Final Fantasy, Distant Worlds II - More Music from AWR-10102
Final Fantasy, Music Inspired by 40131-2
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite PSCR-5253
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Soundtrack SQEX-10070/1
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Premium Soundtrack DNPO-35141
Flower, Sun, and Rain: Shine - For High Time GHMR-003
Flower, Sun, and Rain: Water - For Relaxing Time KICA-5055
Front Mission Alternative SQEX-10081
Front Mission Online Original Soundtrack SQEX-10078
Game Over TTRC-0007
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 02 Donkey Kong SDEX-0011
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 03 Donkey Kong Jr. SDEX-0012
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-2 Donkey Kong 3 SDEX-0026
G-LOC / R360 / Virtua Racing, Yu-Suzuki Produce MJCAX-00013
Gears of War - The Soundtrack SE-2035-2
Gears of War 2 - The Soundtrack SE-2053-2
Gokumakaimura Original Soundtrack CPCA-10160
Golden Axe The Music WM-0595/7
Gradius Arcade Soundtrack KMCA-155/6
Gradius, Original Sound of BY12-5021
Gradius II Gofer no Yabou, Space Odyssey BY30-5202
Gradius III KICA-1001
Gradius IV Fukkatsu Original Soundtrack KICA-7947
Gradius Gaiden Original Game Soundtrack KICA-7817
Gradius Tribute SCDC-00530
Granstream Saga Original Soundtrack, The FSCA-10029
Gravity Well - The Soundtrack iTunes
Great Wall TTRC-0002
Grim Fandango Original Game Soundtrack Promotional
Grim Grimoire Original Soundtrack G03SD-CD002
G.T.R TTRC-0004
Guilty Gear 2 Overture Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 KDSD-00168/9
Guilty Gear 2 Overture Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 KDSD-00170
Gungage Original Soundtrack KMCA-19
Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Concert ~Gyakuten Meets Orchestra~ CD CPCA-10197
Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Concert ~Gyakuten Meets Orchestra~ DVD CPBA-10039
Gyromancer Original Soundtrack iTunes
Hayarigami Original Soundtrack SCDC-00361
Hanjuku Hero 4 -The 7 Heroes- ~Sound Collection~ Promotional
Heavy Metal Thunder -The Recordings- TOCT-25765
Hitman Contracts Original Soundtrack SE-2010-2
Hitman Contracts Promotional Soundtrack Promotional
Hitman Blood Money Original Soundtrack SE-2024-2
Hirokazu Tanaka's Song Promotional
Hototogisu Ran Original Soundtrack YTTA-1003
Hototogisu Tairan Original Soundtrack IMJC-0002
Image Fight 15A3-4
Image Fight ~ G.S.M. Irem 1 D28B-0012
inFAMOUS Official Soundtrack SE-2069-2
inFAMOUS Original Soundtrack iTunes
Irem Retro Game Music Collection KDSD-00367
Irem Theme Song Collection IMJC-0001
Izuna I + II Original Soundtrack IZN-002/3
James Bond 007 -Blood Stone- Original Videogame Score N/A
James Bond 007 -From Russia With Love- Original Videogame Score N/A
James Bond 007 -Everything or Nothing- Collector's Edition Score N/A
James Bond 007 -Everything or Nothing- Original Videogame Score iTunes
James Bond 007 -Nightfire- Original Videogame Score N/A
James Bond 007 -Tomorrow Never Dies- Original Videogame Score CHA-0126
James Bond 007 -Quantum of Solace- Original Videogame Score N/A
Jeanne d'Arc Original Soundtrack KDSD-00123
Kabu Trader Shun Original Soundtrack CPCA-10188
Kaki-In TTRC-0003
Kamiwaza Original Soundtrack VGCD-0050
Katamari Takeshi - Katamari Damacy Tribute Soundtrack COCX-32760
KimiKiss Original Soundtrack TRCD-10054
Kinema in the Hole KDSD-00140
Kumatanchi Original Soundtrack BSPE-1001
L no Kisetsu 2 Invisible Memories Original Soundtrack FVCG-1010
La Pucelle Ragnarok Original Soundtrack Promotional
La Pucelle Original Soundtrack SCDC-00183
Last Rebellion Mini Soundtrack Promotional
Last Remnant Original Soundtrack, The SQEX-10127/9
Last Remnant Premium Soundtrack, The Promotional
Legaia Original Soundtrack, The SVWC-7008
Legend of Dragoon Original Soundtrack, The SVWC-7054
Legend of Hero Tonma PCCB-00004
Legend of Heroes Piano Collection, The NW10102440
Legend of Heroes III Electric Orchestra, The NW10102430
Legend of Heroes III The White Witch, Symphonic Fantasy NW10102510
Legend of Heroes IV Electric Orchestra, The NF02031
Legend of Heroes V A Cagesong of the Ocean Original Soundtrack, The NW10102320/30
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki First Chapter Original Soundtrack, The NW10102550
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki First Chapter Super Arrange Version, The Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki First Chapter Unused Music, The Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki FC: Where the Stars Are - u-mi, The Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Second Chapter Original Soundtrack, The NW10102680
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki FC & SC Super Arrange Version, The NW10102700
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki SC: Silver Will, Golden Wings, The Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki the Third Original Soundtrack, The NW10102750
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki the Third Mini Soundtrack, The Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Theme Song Album Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Theme Song Album 2 Promotional
Legend of Heroes VI Sora no Kiseki Vocal Version Looking Up at the Sky, The NW10102690
Legend of Heroes Symphony Gargharv Trilogy, The NW10102450
Legend of the Guardians -The Owls of Ga'Hoole- Original Videogame Soundtrack iTunes
Legend of Xanadu Original Soundtrack, The Promotional
Legend of Xanadu J.D.K. Special, The KICA-1138
Legend of Xanadu Super Arrange Version, The KICA-1143
Legend of Xanadu II Original Soundtrack, The KICA-1165/6
Lord of Arcana Original Soundtrack SQEX-50027
Lord of Vermilion Original Soundtrack DERP-10003
Lord of Vermilion II Original Soundtrack SQEX-10195
Love SQ SQEX-10174
LucasArts Original Soundtracks, The Best of 8127930
Lux-Pain ~ Lux-Sound Promotional
MadWorld Original Soundtrack Promotional
Mafia II Official Orchestral Score Promotional
Magic Obelisk Original Soundtrack, The Promotional
Majin Tensei Excellence Sound Collection PCCG-00256
Majin Tensei II Spiral Nemesis Excellence Sound Collection PCCG-00337
Makaimura Music Collection CPCA-10128/34
Maken X Original Soundtrack KICA-5047
Marl Kingdom Vocal Album, Puppet Princess KLCA-2013
Marl Kingdom 2 Original Soundtrack, Little Princess TYCY-10031
Marl Kingdom 3 Original Soundtrack, Angel's Present TYCY-10044
Marl Kingdom 3 Limited Edition Soundtrack, Angel's Present SLPS-20053
Mario Basket 3 on 3 Original Soundtrack SQEX-10079
Mario Sports CD The Best Promotional
Mario Tennis 64 Original Soundtrack FMCN-1001
Mario & Zelda Big Band Live SCDC-00315
Mario & Zelda Big Band Live DVD Promotional
Master of Monsters TOCT-6268
Maximo Original Soundtrack CPCA-1058
Megami Tensei I & II VICL-40029/30
Megami Tensei Online Imagine Original Soundtrack CVIM-0001
Metal Gear 20th Anniversary ~ Metal Gear Music Collection GFCA-53
Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack KICA-7895
Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Original Soundtrack KMCA-127
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Original Soundtrack KOLA-89/90
Metal Saga Original Soundtrack INCD-E0101
Michigan Original Soundtrack SCDC-00378
Monopoly Streets Original Videogame Theme iTunes
Monster Hunter Soundtrack Book CPCA-1073
Monster Hunter 2 Soundtrack Books CPCA-10142/5
Monster Hunter 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10207
Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary Monhan Ongakubu BVCL-26
Monster Hunter Danceable Club Mix CPCA-10215
Monster Hunter Frontier 2nd Anniversary Soundtrack CPDA-10059
Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection ~3rd Anniversary Best Track~ CPCA-10181/2
Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection II ~Roar Chapter~ CPCA-10195/6
Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert ~Hunting Music Festival~ CD CPCA-10206
Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert ~Hunting Music Festival~ DVD Promotional
Monster Hunter Orgel Arrange Album CPCA-10203
Monster World Complete Collection Original Soundtrack WM-0565/6
Moonlight Destiny Original Soundtrack OST-6770
More SQ SQEX-10238
More Than Mario N/A
Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile KDSD-00019/20
Motoi Sakuraba Live 2006 Valkyrie Profile KDSD-00113
Muchi Muchi Pork! Original Soundtrack CVST-0007
Muramasa The Demon Blade Original Soundtrack BSPE-1002/4
Music for Art iTunes
MX vs. ATV Reflex Official Soundtrack iTunes
Mystery Case in Hi! School FSS-1992
Nanashi no Game Sound EP iTunes
Need For Speed Carbon Original Music iTunes
Need For Speed Carbon Music by Ekstrak iTunes
Need For Speed Most Wanted Original Music iTunes
Need For Speed Undercover Original Videogame Score iTunes
Need For Speed Underground Original Music iTunes
Neko Zamurai Original Soundtrack PCCB-00373
Netherworld Harmony Inaugaration NIS America
NiGHTS into Dreams Original Soundtrack POCX-1038
NiGHTS into Dreams Perfect Album WM-0601/3
NiGHTS Journey of Dreams Original Soundtrack WWCE-31153/5
Ninja Spirit 15A3-3
Nintendo SLG Soundtrack Best Selection (Nintendo Dream) Promotional
Noby Noby Boy Original Soundtrack iTunes
No More Heroes Soundtracks Dark Side GHMR-008
No More Heroes: The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything GHMR-009
No More Heroes 2 -Desperate Struggle- Original Soundtrack GHMR-0010
Odin Sphere Original Soundtrack VGCD-0120
Okage Shadow King Original Soundtrack JDCM-0001/2
OneUps Volume 1, The OUS-004
Onimusha Original Soundtrack CPCA-1048/9
Onimusha - Samuragouchi's Best Selection, Sounds of TPCD 0215-2
Onimusha 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1048/9
Onimusha 2 Orchestra Album - Taro Iwashiro Selection CPCA-1060
Onimusha 3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1085/6
Onimusha Buraiden Original Soundtrack CPCA-1084
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams Original Soundtrack, Shin CPCA-10157
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams Special Pack Soundtrack, Shin CPCA-10162/5
Outlaws Original Music Soundtrack Promotional
OutRun 20th Anniversary Box WM-0538/48
OutRun Original Soundtrack - Music from the Arcade Machine Promotional
OutRun - S.S.T. Band PCCB-00081
OutRun, Yu-Suzuki Produce MJCAX-00004
OutRun 2 Soundtracks AMMX-2003
OutRun 2 Soundtracks Side B V3N-00001
OutRun 2 - Music Through the Ages SEGA-C005750-EU
Over My Dead Body Original Soundtrack SVWC-7033
Panzer Dragoon Original Soundtrack POCH-2219
Panzer Dragoon Remastered Soundtrack WM-0530
Panzer Dragoon Original Full Sound Version NACL-1181
Panzer Dragoon Power Remix D-RAM NACL-1190
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Original Arrange Album "Alternative Elements" NACL-1213
Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack SSCX-10020
Parasite Eve Remixes SSCX-10023
Parasite Eve II Original Soundtrack SSCX-10038
Parasite Eve I & II Soundtrack Box SQEX-10226/9
Perfect Dark Dual CD Soundtrack Promotional
Perfect Dark Zero Original Soundtrack SE 2020-2
Persona Be Your True Mind Original Soundtrack KICA-5033/5
Persona Original Soundtrack & Arrange Album, Megami Ibunroku FSCA-10003
Persona 2 Innocent Sin Original Soundtrack KICA-5042/3
Persona 2 Innocent Sin - The Errors of Their Youth KICA-5046
Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Original Soundtrack KICA-5049/50
Persona 2 Eternal Punishment - Punitive Dance FMCD-1002
Persona - Another Memory Promotional
Persona Trinity Soul Original Soundtrack SVWC-7554/5
Phantasy Star Online Original Soundtrack UPCH-1049
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Original Soundtrack, Songs of Ragol Odyssey SCDC-00215/6
Phantasy Star Online Episode III Original Soundtrack, Let the Winds Blow WWCE-31010/1
Phantasy Star Online Episode III Special Edition (Nintendo Dreams) Promotional
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Episode IV Original Soundtrack Promotional
Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of the Illuminus Original Soundtrack WM-0600
Phantom Kingdom Original Soundtrack SLPS-20409
Phantom Kingdom Arrange Album SCDC-00434
Pikmin World Original Soundtrack TOCT-24808
PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Live! PLAY-CD
Popolocrois Story Original Soundtrack SVWC-7055
Popolocrois Story II Original Soundtrack SVWC-7056
Popolocrois A New Departure Original Soundtrack SVWC-7142
Popolocrois The Law of the Moon Original Soundtrack BVCR-17031
Poporogue Original Soundtrack SVWC-7009
Pound For Pound & Kengo PCCB-00049
Power Drift, Yu-Suzuki Produce MJCAX-00011
Power Stone Original Soundtrack CPCA-1036
Preprimer NW10102270
Preprimer II KICA-1031
Progear no Arashi Original Soundtrack CPCA-1075
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Original Soundtrack iTunes
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Collector's Edition Soundtrack Promotional
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Wii Original Soundtrack Promotional
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands, The Sound of Promotional
Project Sylpheed Original Soundtrack SQEX-10080
Psychonauts Original Soundtrack DF001
Psyvariar Original Soundtrack RBCD-0001
Psyvariar 2 Original Soundtrack Plus KDSD-00032
Red Arremer Makaimura Gaiden PCCB-00034
R-Type - Irem Game Music 28XA-199
R-Type II ~ G.S.M. Irem 2 PCCB-00017
R-Type Soundtrack - Our Best, Your Best N/A
R-Type Special VICL-8077
R-Type Tactics Original Soundtrack KDSD-00152
Red Faction Guerrilla Official Soundtrack iTunes
Red Steel Original Soundtrack PER-4001-2
Red Steel 2 Original Soundtrack Promotional
Resident Evil 10th Anniversary - The Official Soundtrack (US) SE-2029-2
Ridge Racer, Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 11 VICL-15025
Ridge Racer 2, Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 14 VICL-15031
Ridge Racer LD Soundtrack - Ridge Laser VICL-15038
Rave Racer, Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 24 VICL-15048
Ridge Racer Type 4 Direct Audio ZMCX-103
Ridge Racer V Original Game Soundtrack AICT-138
Ridge Racer 64 Soundtrack, Speed Nation 3591240
Ridge Racers Direct Audio KICA-1441/2
Riz-Zoawd Original Soundtrack KDSD-00264/5
Riz-Zoawd Super Premium Sound Disc Promotional
Romancia, Sound Fantasy BY30-5176
Romancing SaGa Original Sound Version NTCP-5036
Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version NTCP-5038
Romancing SaGa 3 Original Sound Version NTCP-5043
Romancing SaGa 3 Prologue Promotional
Romancing SaGa Minstrel Song Original Soundtrack UPCH-1411/4
Rule of Rose - Songs from the Original Soundtrack Promotional
Rurouni Kenshin Intrigues of the 10 Heroes Edition Original Soundtrack SRCL-4233
Rurouni Kenshin Meiji Restoration Edition Original Soundtrack ARCJ-58
Ryu ga Gotoku 1 & 2 Original Soundtrack HCV-0287
Ryu ga Gotoku 3 Original Soundtrack HCV-0452
Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan Original Soundtrack HCV-0381
Sacred Original Soundtrack Promotional
SaGa Original Soundtrack iTunes
SaGa 2 Original Soundtrack iTunes
SaGa 2 Special Sound Selection Promotional
SaGa 2 -Goddess of Destiny- Original Soundtrack SQEX-10071
SaGa 3 Original Soundtrack iTunes
SaGa 3 -Shadow or Light- Original Soundtrack SQEX-10221
SaGa 3 -Shadow or Light- Bonus Soundtrack Promotional
SaGa, All Sounds of NTCP-1004/5
SaGa Battle Music Collection Promotional
SaGa Battle Track Compilation SQEX-10220
SaGa Frontier Original Soundtrack SQEX-10058/60
SaGa Frontier II Original Soundtrack SQEX-10061/3
SaGa Series Original Soundtrack Premium Box SQEX-10145/65
Sakura Note ~A Future Connected to the Present~ Gift of Sound Promotional
Sakura Note: Tearsdrops Just Being With You - AKANE DERI-0014
Salamander Arcade Soundtrack KOLA-030
Salamander 2 Original Game Soundtrack KICA-7695
Sampling Masters TTRC-0017
Sampling Masters 2 TTRC-0024
Sampling Masters 3 TTRC-0026
Sampling Masters 4 - Never Float SRIN-1001
Sampling Masters Presents Julianna's Tsunashima TTRC-0033
Samurai Champloo Rhythm Track CD Promotional
Samurai Western Music Collection SCDC-00402
Scud Race Soundtracks TYCY-5541
Second Sight Original Soundtrack N/A
Secret of Mana + NTCP-5031
Section 8 Original Soundtrack Promotional
Sega Best & Wind Orchestra Version WWCE-31178
Sega Piano Nocturne WWCE-31074
Sega Touring Car Championship MJCA-00002
Seiken Densetsu 4 Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary- SQEX-10083/6
Seiken Densetsu Children of Mana Original Soundtrack iTunes
Sekaiju no MeiQ II Shoo no Seihai Original Soundtrack VGCD-0135
Sekaiju no MeiQ II Shoo no Seihai Piano Sketch Version Promotional
Sengoku Basara Game Best SMCL-225/6
Shades, Chris Hülsbeck Vol. 1 ACD1
Shenmue Orchestra Version POCX-1116
Shin Megami Tensei Law & Order VICL-40046/7
Shin Megami Tensei Sound Collection SVWC-7175/6
Shin Megami Tensei II Sound Relation PCCG-00261
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Maniacs Soundtrack Extra Version (Japan) SVWC-7308
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Deluxe Pack Incense Disc SLPM-65241
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Original Soundtrack (US) Promotional
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children Perfect Soundtracks FSCA-10157
Shin Megami Tensei NINE Premium Soundtrack Promotional
Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Original Soundtrack COCX-35945
Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Soundtrack Promotional
Shinobi Music Collection - Legend of Joe Musashi WM-0626/9
Shinobi & Works, The Super 25A2-53
Shinobi Original Soundtrack STF-0010
Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of the Pacific Original Soundtrack 5005372
Silent Hunter 5 Battle of the Atlantic Original Soundtrack 300028981
Silver #01 STRUCTURE, The GHMR-001
Silver #01 STRUCTURE (Reprint), The GHMR-005
Silver #02 DESTRUCTOR, The GHMR-006
Silver #02+ PARADE, The GHMR-007
Sims 3 Original Videogame Score, The iTunes
Sims Medieval Original Videogame Score, The iTunes
Sims Medieval Collector's Edition Soundtrack, The N/A
Sonic Free Riders Original Soundtrack, Break Free WM-0639
Sonic R MJCA-00012
Sonic Riders Original Soundtrack, Speedbeats Grand Prix WM-0525
Sonic Riders Shooting Star Story Original Soundtrack, Zero Gravity Tracks WM-0587
Sonic Rush Adventure Original Soundtrack WM-0578
Sonic the Fighters Soundtracks TYCY-5521
Sorcerian, All Sounds of H30X-20006
Sorcerian Forever KICA-1183
Sorcerian Forever MIDI Piano KICA-1196
Sorcerian, Hiro's Game Album - Selected HGMA-004/5
Sorcerian Mega Drive Original Soundtrack WM-0611/2
Sorcerian, Music from K30X-7703
Sorcerian Music Graffiti NF02018
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version NW10102240
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version II Plus Sorcerian System Vol. 1 NW10102250
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version III Sengoku Sorcerian VS Pyramid Sorcerian NW10102260
Sorcerian, The Very Best of NF02030
Soukyuugurentai Original Soundtrack BSPE-1032
Soukyuugurentai - Game Sound Collection Vol. 6 VOCR-5018
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Original Soundtrack iTunes
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Best of Soundtrack Promotional
Soul Calibur Suite - The Resonance of Souls and Swords Promotional
Soul Edge PlayStation Edition Original Soundtrack - Khan Super Session BVCH-732
Sound of Games Vol. 1 iTunes
Space Invaders 2008 AVCD-23715
Space Invaders Daisakusen TOCT-25124
Space Invaders Infinity Gene iPhone Edition Original Soundtrack ZTTL-9020
Space Invaders Infinity Gene -Evolutional Theory- ZTTL-0066
Space Invaders World War & Infinity Gene Original Soundtrack ZTTL-9017
Spawn ~In the Demon's Hand~ Original Soundtrack CPCA-1024
Split/Second Original Soundtrack Promotional
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol. 1 SQEX-10097
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol. 2 SQEX-10200
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol. 3 SQEX-10201
Square Enix Music Sampler CD Vol. 4 Promotional
Star Gladiator VICL-2174
Star Gladiator 2 ~Nightmare of Bilstein~ Original Soundtrack CPCA-1008
Star Ocean The Second Story Arrange Album FSCA-10056
Star Trader, Music from 276A-7702
Steambot Chronicles Original Soundtrack KDSD-00075
Steambot Chronicles Vocal Tracks KDSD-00076
Street Fighter Underground Remix Promotional
Street Fighter II Alph Lyla with Yuji Toriyama SRCL-2857
Street Fighter II: Blood on the Asphalt OCRA-0007
Street Fighter II Collector's Box PCCB-00124/5
Street Fighter II Complete File CAPCOM-004
Street Fighter II Image Album PCCB-00075
Street Fighter II, Nesshou!! PCCB-00103
Street Fighter II Nintendo Magazine System Promo Promotional
Street Fighter II Perfect Original Version PCCB-00124/5
Street Fighter II Remix Tracks, The Starting Over, Hyper INCD-0104
Street Fighter II X Sound Complete Promotional
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Simon Harris SRCL-3195
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Original Soundtrack, Super OCRA-0012
Street Fighter III New Generation Original Soundtrack VICL-60055
Street Fighter III 2nd Impact "Giant Attack" Original Soundtrack FSCA-10025
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike "Fight for the Future" Original Soundtrack CPCA-1028
Street Fighter EX Original Soundtrack PCCB-00241
Street Fighter EX Arrange Album PCCB-00251
Street Fighter EX2 Original Soundtrack PCCB-00322
Street Fighter EX2 Arrange Album CPCA-1023
Street Fighter EX2 Plus Original Soundtrack CPCA-1038
Street Fighter EX3 Original Soundtrack CPCA-1042
Street Fighter Zero Game Soundtrack SRCL-3297
Super Hang-On 20th Anniverary Collection WM-0570
Super Mario History 1985 - 2010 Soundtrack CD Promotional
Super Mario Kart Album OUS-008
Super Robot Taisen 15th Anniversary Song Collection BZCS-5008
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Complete Soundtrack LACA-5050
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Original Soundtrack & Arrange Album FSCA-10138
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Original Score I ~Sky Chapter~ FSCA-10125
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Original Score II ~Earth Chapter~ FSCA-10128
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Original Score III ~Soldier Chapter~ FSCA-10131
Super Robot Taisen Alpha: Steel Messiah - JAM Project LACM-4010
Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2nd Original Soundtrack LACA-9025/6
Super Robot Taisen Alpha 2nd: Skill - JAM Project LACM-4090
Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3rd Original Soundtrack LACA-9057/60
Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3rd: GONG - JAM Project LACM-4210
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden Original Soundtrack LACA-5033
Super Robot Taisen Complete Box Original Soundtrack FSCA-10099
Super Robot Taisen F Original Soundtrack & Arrange Album FSCA-10014
Super Robot Taisen F F Final Arrange Collection Silver FSCA-10037
Super Robot Taisen F F Final Vocal & Arrange Collection Gold FSCA-10039
Super Robot Taisen Impact Original Soundtrack LACA-9011/2
Super Robot Taisen Impact: GO!! - JAM Project LACM-4051
Super Robot Taisen JAM Project Theme Song Collection LACA-5845
Super Robot Taisen MX Original Soundtrack LACA-9037/40
Super Robot Taisen MX: Victory - JAM Project LACA-4127
Super Robot Taisen OG: Rocks - JAM Project LACM-4400
Super Robot Taisen Vocal Collection FSCA-10004
Super Robot Taisen Vocal Collection 2 FSCA-10042
Super Robot Taisen Vocal Collection Heroes FSCA-10064
Super Robot Taisen Z Original Soundtrack: Crest of Z's - JAM Project LACA-4530
Symphonic Fantasies - Music from Square Enix (Physical Edition) 476 4042-4
Symphonic Fantasies - Music from Square Enix (Digital Edition) iTunes
Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert (English) HCD10
Symphonic Shades - Hülsbeck in Concert (Deutsche) HCD10
Sword Maniac TOCT-8253
Taito Game Music SCDC-00156
Tales of Destiny Director's Cut Premium Box Special Soundtrack Promotional
Tales of Destiny PS2 Version Premium Soundtrack Promotional
Tales of Destiny 2 PSP Version Premium Soundtrack Promotional
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks KDSD-00230
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks KDSD-00219
Tales of the Tempest Original Soundtrack AVCD-23187/8
Tales of VS. Original Soundtrack AVCD-23945/6
Tekken 2, Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 26 VICL-15050
Tekken 2 Strike Fighting NACL-1225/9
Tenchu Kurenai Original Soundtrack SVWC-7310
Tenchu Senran Original Soundtrack VGCD-0066
Tenchu 2 Soundtrack iTunes
Tenchu 3 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7177/8
Tenchu 4 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7591
Tenshou Gakuen Gekkouroku Original Soundtrack KDSD-00115/6
Thrill of the Feel VICP-61014
TimeSplitters Original Soundtrack N/A
TimeSplitters Original Soundtrack N/A
TimeSplitters Future Perfect Original Soundtrack N/A
Touch! Generations Soundtrack Promotional
Tobal No. 1 Original Soundtrack SSCX-10001
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron, Sega Tunes 12816
Total War Eras Music DIS-S030-CD
Total War Rome - The Official Soundtrack Promotional
Total War Rome Exclusive Soundtrack 32599.104.US
Total War Medieval II Music Score DIS-S038-CD
Total War Empire - The Soundtrack SE-2061-2
Tron Evolution Original Soundtrack N/A
True Fortune Original Soundtrack UMCK-1281/2
True Love Story Remember My Heart Original Soundtrack WDCD-25112
True Love Story Image Album ~Memorial Songs~ ARCJ-59
True Love Story Vocal Collection Vol. 1 WDCD-28017
True Love Story Vocal Collection Vol. 2 WDCD-25117
True Love Story Vocal Collection Vol. 3 WDCD-24127
True Love Story 2 Original Soundtrack FSCA-10075
True Love Story 2 Vocal Collection FSCA-10108
True Love Story 3 Original Soundtrack SCDC-00089
True Love Story 3 Vocal Collection SCDC-00135
True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... Original Soundtrack SCDC-00284
True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... Vocal Collection SCDC-00296
True Love Story Special Song Box SCDC-00327/34
Undercover Cops VICL-5180
Unlimited SaGa Original Soundtrack SSCX-10078/9
Unlimited SaGa Maxi Single CD Promotional
Valhalla Knights, Sound of MII2A0016-91
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria Arrange Album KDSD-00106
Vantage Master Original Soundtrack VM-OST
Vantage Master Portable Original Soundtrack NW10102760
Video Games Live Volume One 50999 5081362 9
Viewtiful Joe + Viewtiful Joe 2 Original Soundtrack CPCA-10102/3
Viewtiful Joe: Viewtiful World - Sotaru AVCD-30475
Vigilante 15A3-2
Virtua Racing & OutRunners TYCY-5365/6
Virtual-On Official Sound Data, Cyber Troopers TYCY-5486
Virtual-On Original Soundtrack, Cyber Troopers WM-0579
Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram Official Sound Data, Cyber Troopers MJCG-80016/7
Virtual-On Force Official Sound Data Marsinal, Cyber Troopers WM-0504/5
Virtual-On Force Official Sound Data Ver. 7.5, Cyber Troopers MJCG-80086
Virtual-On Marz Official Sound Data, Cyber Troopers HR-05
Viva Piñata Original Soundtrack SE-2058-2
VM Japan Original Soundtrack NW10102500
Way of the Samurai Original Soundtrack STF-0003
Way of the Samurai 2 Original Soundtrack SVWC-7179
Wild Arms the 4th Detonator Original Score KICA-1370/3
Wild Arms the Vth Vanguard Original Score KICA-1425/30
Wild Arms Music the Best -feeling wind- KICA-1415
Wild Arms Vocal Collection -alone the world- SVWC-7138
Winning Eleven Original Soundtrack TOCP-65986
Winning Eleven Original Soundtrack, The History of GFCA-102
Witch Tale ~The Apprentice Witch and the Seven Princesses~ Original Soundtrack DDCZ-1615
Witch Tale ~The Apprentice Witch and the Seven Princesses~ Sound Collection Promotional
Wizardry Gaiden ~Prisoners of the Battles & Five Ordeals~ Audio Collections FPBD-0005
World of Warcraft Mosaic Soundtrack Promotional
Xanadu, All Over BY30-5170
Xanadu Music Chronicle Promotional
Xanadu Next Original Soundtrack NW10102710
Xenogears Light OUS-003
Xenosaga Original Soundtrack SSCX-10062
Xenosaga Episode I SBPS-0004/5
Xenosaga: Kokoro - Joanne Hogg SSCX-10061
Ys Renewal, Music from KICA-1168
Ys, Perfect Collection KICA-1012/3
Ys I & II Best Sound Selectioon YS12-BSC
Ys I & II: Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu, Perfect Collection NW10102460
Ys I & II Chronicles Original Soundtrack NW10102810
Ys I & II Chronicles Original Soundtrack Mini Promotional
Ys I & II DS Original Soundtrack YSDS-00001
Ys I & II Eternal Original Soundtrack NW10102390
Ys I & II Eternal / The Legend of Heroes IV Unpublished Music NW10102400
Ys I & II: Super Arrange Version, Perfect Collection NW10102470
Ys Books I & II Original Soundtrack, Legacy of 3559-CD-0241
Ys II Renewal, Music from KICA-1177
Ys II, Perfect Collection KICA-1014/5
Ys Dramatic Concert KICA-1029
Ys Healing NW10102490
Ys Music History YS-MUSHY
Ys Origin Original Soundtrack NW10102720
Ys Piano Collection NW10102370
Ys Piano Collection 2 KICA-1142
Ys, Provincialism KICA-1051
Ys Sound Super Collection NF02020
Ys Special Collection ~All About Falcom~ Memorial Sounds Promotional
Ys Strategy Original Soundtrack Promotional
Ys The Oath in Felghana J.D.K. Special YSF-JDKSP
Ys '95, Symphony KICA-1160
Ys -21st Century-, Symphony NF02033
Ys, The Very Best of KICA-1220
Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Collective Music Files Promotional
Zelda Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack, The Legend of SQEX-10080
Zelda Ocarina of Time Original Soundtrack, The Legend of PCCG-00475
Zelda Sound & Drama, The Legend of SRCL-2940/1
ZombieSmash! Original Soundtrack iTunes
zOMG! The Original Soundtrack GAIA101
Zone of the Enders Original Soundtrack, ANUBIS KOLA-027
Zuki-In TTRC-0013