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Shoji Meguro

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Shoji Meguro Date of Birth: June 4, 1971 (Tokyo)
Education: Hydromechanics (College of Industrial Technology)
Musical Influences: T-Square, Casiopea, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky
Instruments: Keyboard, Electone, Guitar, Trombone
Game Works: Persona, Nocturne, Devil Summoner, Maken X

Employment History

Company Tenure Role
Atlus 1995 - Composer
Atlus 2008 - Director

Brief Profile

Shoji Meguro is a popular and prolific composer at Atlus known for his work on the Megami Tensei series. While he had a rich background performing music, playing video games, and programming games, it was only after extensive studies in engineering that he became a game composer at Atlus. He instantly captured the attention of gamers with an operatic aria for Revelations: Persona.

In subsequent years, Meguro developed a more mainstream-targeted sound with cyberpunk jazz-techno hybrids on Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and action-packed electronic and rock tracks on Maken X. He subsequently led the critically acclaimed score for Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, defined his own rock style with the Digital Devil Saga titles, and created two more jazzy Devil Summoner soundtracks.

Meguro's work on the Persona series transformed him into a game music star. His soundtrack to Persona 3 endeared gamers and influenced the industry with its sassy vocal tracks and modern fusions. He expanded upon this success with Persona 4 before commemorating the series with a live concert. More recently, Meguro has combined director and composer roles for Persona's PSP remake.

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