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Tenpei Sato

Overview Biography Discography Game Projects Interviews

Tenpei Sato Date of Birth: April 19XX (Tokyo)
Education: Graduate of Education at Waseda University
Musical Influences: Queen, Debussy, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kate Bush
Instruments: Piano, Electric Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals
Game Works: Disgaea, Rhapsody, Phantom Brave, Alshark

Employment History

Company Tenure Role
Geinou Yamashirogumi 1987 - 1988 Trainee Composer
Telenet Japan 1988 - 1989 Composer
Freelance 1990 - Composer

Brief Profile

Tenpei Sato decided to pursue a career as a composer following an uninspiring teacher training course at university. Trained at Geinou Yamashirogumi, he was subsequently contracted at Telenet Japan to work on XZR II, Cyber City, and Valis II. After going freelance, he had collaborative roles on Emerald Dragon, Vain Dream, Alvaleak Continent, Imperium, and Etemiburu and single-handedly scored Alshark, Bible Master II, Task Force Harrier EX, Red, the Cal series, and the Beast series.

Sato diversified his career with stylistically diverse scores for PlayStation titles. These included Eko Eko Azarak, Hard Blow, Cocktail Harmony, Combat Choro Q, and Brigandine: Grand Edition. Easily his most distinguished title was Nippon Ichi Software's Rhapsody, where he composed and recorded a full-length musical assembled into the game. He also created refined non-game works such as the solo album Imagination, the image album Schell Bullet ~Thanaphs68~, and the movie score D#2.

The majority of Sato's current work is on behalf of Nippon Ichi Software. He has returned to the company to score the new games in the Marl Kingdom series and, more recently, La Pucelle, Phantom Brave, Soul Nomad and the Soul Eaters, Prinny, and a charity concert. Most famously, he has scored and arranged the three Disgaea titles. Sato continues to engage in non-game projects like producing bands, writing guidebooks, acting with a theatrical group, and composing for the movie Flowers and Sony's robot AIBO.

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