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Competition Sega Rally Championship Complete :: Review by Don

Competition Sega Rally Championship Complete Album Title: Competition Sega Rally Championship Complete
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Catalog No.: TYCY-5484
Release Date: February 2, 1996
Purchase: Buy at eBay


The Competition Sega Rally Championship Complete album features both Saturn and Arcade versions of a variety from each game. However, for the most part, there are many differences on each album. Initially Takenobu Mitsuyoshi and Tomoyuki Kawamura were responsible for the Arcade version, though the score was remixed, resynthed, and elaborated upon with Naofumi Hataya's Saturn version. How does the Sega sound team handle the original Sega Rally entry?


The Arcade version is featured on the second half of the soundtrack. It features many shorter themes with a variety of styles. Present is an elaborate version of "Conditioned Reflex"; rather than just keeping with the rock theme, the Arcade version also throws in a nice bit of synth work as well, making it stand out against the shorter version heard in the Saturn version. "Desert Land" is a funky rock and synth lead composition with a nice energy. It drags on a bit, but the melody line is nice and there are some interesting percussion and piano additions. "Reckless Running" reminds me of Super Mario Kart in a way, mainly due to the focus on the synthesizer. There are some nice deep bass grooves as well as well as some electric guitar accents. Lastly, "Ignition" is a fantastic blend of jazz, techno, and rock influences, although the rock influence is definitely less prominent. It's one of my favorites on this album.

The first portion of the soundtrack is dedicated to the Sega Saturn soundtrack. Most of the themes are short once again, but there are a few more meatier compositions to be had. In addition, there are a number of remixes of themes present in the Arcade version. The most notable among these are the D.J. versions arranged by Takayuki Hijikata using streamed guitars. The series' staple "Conditioned Reflex" is present on the Saturn section and is a nice rockin' interpretation. It reminds me a lot of Guilty Gear in a way. The Saturn version of "My Dear Friend, Rally" is especially enjoyable too since it features the corny vocals also featured in the arranged album, though note it's a shortened interpretation.

As for Hataya's original compositions, The Replay themes are definitely worth checking out. Each one starts with a small voice addition describing you'll be viewing replay data. From there, each one goes into its own musical direction. The "Desert Replay" track fuses some nice synth, rock, jazz, and electronica influences to create an engaging theme that isn't too hardcore and isn't too soft. "Forest Replay" is definitely a lot jazzier, with some nice percussion lines that really help move the track along. The best parts are definitely the flute and guitar passages, giving a nice atmosphere to the theme. "Mountain Replay" is a more electronically focused piece of music with a nice rock influence as well. The electric guitar really makes this theme shine and it's probably my favorite of the replay themes. The solo is strong and the combination of rock and synth make for a pleasurable listen. Lastly, the "Lakeside Replay" is another electronically focused theme and includes some interesting synth effects as well as a strong jazz influence. It also reminds me a bit of something you'd hear in Super Mario Kart, although not as playful.


This release is interesting in the fact that it contains both the Saturn and Arcade versions of the soundtrack. However, many of the themes are quite short whereas the developed ones, like those mentioned above, stand out for their development and length. For a collector, I'd definitely recommend it, as it does feature a lot of themes. However, for those looking for some meat to their purchases, this one is a little lean. What is there, though, is quite pleasant.

Overall Score: 7/10