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Rockman Arrange Version Special CD Vol. 2 :: Review by Don

Rockman Arrange Version Special CD Vol. 2 Album Title: Rockman Arrange Version Special CD Vol. 2
Record Label: Capcom
Catalog No.: CAPCOM-005
Release Date: January 1, 1993
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This album is the intended follow-up to what can be considered the first official Rockman / Mega Man themed arranged album. Arranged by Alph-Lyla, Capcom's in-house sound team, there are a multitude of styles present in the slightly longer Vol. 2. How do these arrangements treat the originals?


If you thought Vol. 1 was diverse, Vol. 2 is even more so. "Fly Me to the Sunshine," an arrangement of Waveman's stage, features a very bubbly arrangement, complete with Rockman sound effects. In addition, there seems to be a bit of a jazz influence, although it's quite subtle. All in all, it's a very nice way to start off the album. Following that arrangement is "Crush Out" for Crushman's stage. To me, this is the weakest arrangement of the series. Relying on a NES-imitative sound, it also throws in some stronger jazz influences on occasion to accent the original melody.

"Shall We Go on a Magnetic Continuous Tour?" is by far the most interesting arrangement on Vol. 2. It starts out quite unexpectedly, with a somber violin melody; however, it soon transitions into the complete opposite with an overly peppy carnival-esque arrangement. It's quite fitting, although I personally prefer Hosoe's techno version of Magnetman's stage theme. "Frolic Funk Dance," the arrangement belonging to Ringman's stage, is simply psychedelic. The use of brass, percussion, and guitar make this a fun arrangement in the end.

Having heard a Windman arrangement with heavy rock influence, I had a certain expectation in mind for "Fourth Wind". I, too, expected this to be a rock arrangement. To my surprise, however, I found out it was a piano arrangement with woodwind being introduced halfway through the arrangement. After the surprise I received, this turned out to be my favorite arrangement on Vol. 2. It's simple, effective, and is quite beautiful.

The album ends with "Find My Way to the Top," an arrangement of "Dr. Wily Stage" from Rockman 4. Unlike Hosoe's techno version, this one is entirely jazz-based with a bit of rock influence. Saxophone is prominently featured and parts of it sound like something from Gloria Estefan, but in the end, this is a very nice way to end the album. It may not have come out on top in my book, but this arrangement is pretty good.


Like its predecessor, Vol. 2 is also an album full of extremely fitting arrangements. The arrangements of Windman stage and Dr. Wily stage are the clear winners in my book, but I'm sure everyone will have one they find to be their favorite. If you can find this on eBay as well, I suggest purchasing it. It offers a very diverse look into how one can arrange a Rockman tune.

Overall Score: 8/10