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Radirgy Noah Wii Special Remix :: Review by Don

Radirgy Noah Wii Special Remix Album Title: Radirgy Noah Wii Special Remix
Record Label: Milestone
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: February 25, 2010
Purchase: Download at Official Website


This small five track remix album was featured as a free download on website for the Wii version of Radirgy Noah. Featuring remixes by Kou Hayashi, Daisuke Nagata, and ushione, it brings a new flavor to the music featured on the Radirgy Noah Original Soundtrack.


The majority of the remixes are done by an artist named ushione, a friend of Kou Hayashi. Opening with "Talk with the Wind - Ice Needles Mix," it takes the upbeat original and transforms it into a mellower through its use of a slower tempo, synth soundscapes that have a chilly demeanor, and some ethereal synth accompaniment. It's a fantastic arrangement of the original. The second arrangement by ushione is "The Tongue of the Woman - 90's Breakthrough Mix." This remix is another fantastic addition to the soundtrack. It takes the upbeat original, slows the tempo down a bit, gives the melody line a bit of a retro flair, and adds some awesome 90's house beats. It manages to throw in some nice, calming sections while maintaining the house sound as well. Overall, I really love what ushione did with this theme.

Lastly, "5 Questions - Drifting Snow Mix," similar to his other "ice related mix," is really calm. It's absolutely surprising, given the original, but what he did is absolutely genius. He keeps the vocal sampling, but really mellows out the melody. The beats are slow, yet powerful and really have this contemplative sound to them. Before hearing this remix, I never imagined hearing a k.h.d.n. composed theme remixed into something stunningly beautiful, but I was proven wrong. This is easily my favorite remix by ushione and even on the entire album.

Daisuke Nagata's sole arrangement is "Psychopath - In Touch With Her Psyche" and it features an entirely different soundscape mixed with the soundscape from the original as well. The arrangement features snippets of the main melody alongside a percussion heavy beat with some industrial sounds. It has a semi-chaotic nature, but manages to provide quite an interesting take on the original. At times, the original melody, in entirety, is featured unmixed, to give the original some time to shine. Kou Hayashi's sole arrangement is "Keep Quipu - KOA Remix" and for the most part, it doesn't deviate from the original. There is definitely some interesting mixing going on and there are some more industrial beats thrown into the mix. It's definitely a lot of fun, but considering the other arrangements, it feels the laziest, despite being extremely entertaining.


In the end, this free downloadable remix album was quite surprising. Ushione managed to take music by k.h.d.n. and do things with it I'd have never imagined. The contributions by k.h.d.n. are also quite nice, but they are the weakest links on the album. I'm not sure if it's still available for download, but I highly suggest downloading it if it is. It's definitely worth it. Did I mention it's free?!

Overall Score: 9/10