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Karous Special Remix - k.h.d.n. Showcase Ver. 1983 :: Review by Don

Karous Special Remix - k.h.d.n. Showcase Ver. 1983 Album Title: Karous Special Remix - k.h.d.n. Showcase Ver. 1983
Record Label: Milestone
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: February 10, 2008
Purchase: Buy at eBay


The k.h.d.n. showcase ver. 1983 bonus album was released in Kou Hayashi's hometown of Sapporo for an event at the game store 1983. Featuring two remixes by Daisuke Nagata and a megamix by Kou Hayashi, how does the bonus album fare?


Opening with "ycfm full 1983," Nagata's remix of "You Can't Fxxk Me," this is essentially an extended mix of the original and definitely has a larger focus on the piano. Although the introduction does last quite a while, the mix between the energetic percussion and warbled electronica make for an extremely intriguing listen. Add some additional layering and it works wonders. Once the theme picks up though, it takes on this very tranquil sound. The ethereal and echoed synth surprisingly works well with the more frenetic beat. Throw in some piano lines in the melody and you have an extremely upbeat, yet tranquil, theme.

Nagata's second remix, "1983 Clouds," also features the largely intact original. However, some major changes are implemented, such as the extremely industrial opening. The melody line features a great mix of piano, distorted synth, and some more lighthearted electronic accompaniment giving the feeling that one is flying through the clouds. Without a doubt, the best thing about this theme is definitely the percussion work and the accompanying beats. The crazy percussion really helps give it a special touch and the industrial beats really work to strengthen the piece. It's a slightly different arrangement than the original but still manages to strengthen it a bit.

Lastly, "19 tracks 83 MIX," the megamix by Kou Hayashi, features a variety of styles as it progresses. For example, it opens up with a beautiful acoustic melody before moving into a nice house theme. From there, as the theme progresses, it manages to encapsulate a variety of styles, ranging from industrial to more quirky electronica. It throws in some themes for Karous, as one might expect, as well as other Milestone games. It's a great mix, and although it might sound like 19 tracks in 20 minutes is a bit much, most of the time, the themes do transition nicely into one another for a smooth listen.


Since this isn't in stock, isn't for sale, and all the copies allocated at the event in Sapporo, Japan, finding this one will definitely require some work. The most notable thing on the album is Kou Hayashi's mix, as you can't find it anywhere else. Nagata's mixes, while good, are easily as listenable on the original soundtrack, so I recommend picking that up. For 3 tracks and 30 minutes of music, it's not a bad deal, but good luck finding it on Yahoo Japan Auctions if you are truly interested in getting it.

Overall Score: 7/10