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Illmatic Envelope Bonus Disc :: Review by Don

Illmatic Envelope Bonus Disc Album Title: Illmatic Envelope Bonus Disc
Record Label: Sweep Records
Catalog No.: SRIN-1047-2
Release Date: August 20, 2008
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This promotional album was included as a bonus with the Illmatic Envelope "Bitches Blue" Original Soundtrack. It contains a single track featuring a medley of bonus stage themes not included in the soundtrack.


Comprising of only one track, "Another World 30tr in oneMIX," this is a medley of a variety of bonus stage themes not included in the soundtrack in a variety of styles. Some are more hip-hop influenced, some more jazz influenced, some industrial in nature, etc.

What I particularly enjoy about this, despite its disjointed nature in terms of themes, is how each theme does mix into the next pretty seamlessly and how varied in style it is. It's hard to accurately describe the theme, but it throws everything at you in terms of k.h.d.n. styles heard in other soundtracks and some not!


Consdering this is a bonus that was released at Comiket 74, the likelihood of you finding this is pretty slim. You might be lucky if you can find it included on an eBay or Yahoo Japan Auction, but aside from that, it'll be difficult. Is it really worth it? No, but the music is good and, if you are a k.h.d.n. fan, it'd be nice to track down, but isn't really worth spending too much money on. I'd go for the original soundtrack personally.

Overall Score: 4/10