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Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection :: Review by Don

Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection Album Title: Guilty Gear Original Sound Collection
Record Label: Columbia Records
Catalog No.: COCC-15090
Release Date: May 21, 1998
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


The Guilty Gear series is a fighting game created by Daisuke Ishiwatari. In addition to creating the first game in the series, he also composed all the music for it as well. The game as well as its music is inspired by many famous rock bands and performers. How well does the music turn out for someone who is also responsible for creating the game and is it implemented well? Read on to find out...


Guilty Gear was the start of it all. In this album, you'll hear many of the rock themes you'll come to know in future iterations, such as "Keep Yourself Alive" and "Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)." However, they aren't nearly as refined as their successors. Don't get me wrong, though. They are still highly enjoyable! The remaining tracks all have a very nice unique sound to them — mainly rock-based though — and are some of my favorites from the series.

First up on my list of the tracks that didn't make in subsequent releases is "Unidentified Child," the theme for the sailor May. This theme has a very bubbly touch in addition to the rock. This helps to portray May for the child that she is and I think it's quite a fitting theme. "In Slave's Glory," the theme for Potemkin, incorporates rock and choir, giving it a haunting feeling. The guitar solo in this one is one of my favorites!

Axl's theme, "The March of the Wicked King," has a heavy focus on guitar riffs and some keyboard work can be faintly heard in the background. It's a pretty motivating piece. "Fixed Idea," the theme for Testament, is probably my favorite piece of music from the original Guilty Gear. The focus on rock, piano, synth chorals, and organ makes it stand out more so than some of the other pieces. All in all, this is a very dark theme with a motivating edge!


The first time you listen to this soundtrack, you'll probably fall in love, especially if you are a fan of rock. There are tons of offerings in this soundtrack and, in the end, there are many tracks on here which are very enjoyable. Less refined than their successors, Guilty Gear has many of the cornerstones found in subsequent soundtracks and is a great way to hear how it all began!

Overall Score: 8/10