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FF Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates: Hoshi No Nai Sekai :: Review by Don

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates: Hoshi No Nai Sekai - Aiko Album Title: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates: Hoshi No Nai Sekai - Aiko
Record Label: Pony Canyon
Catalog No.: PCCA-02546
Release Date: August 22, 2007
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


The "Hoshi No Nai Sekai" / "Yokogao" single, written and sung by Aiko and arranged by Masanori Shimada, was released roughly a month before Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, the corresponding game to which this single belongs. So, how is it?


To be honest, I didn't even know that there was a vocal performance in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates before discovering this single. Whatever piece out of the three featured on this single is definitely a nice choice and complements a rather weak original soundtrack.

Each of the three compositions has a J-pop flavor to them, but there also tends to be a rock focus to them as well. The vocalist, Aiko, who also composed each song, has a wonderful voice that really complements the music displayed. "Hoshi No Nai Sekai" is probably my favorite out of the three compositions. I love the focus on the piano and electric guitar throughout the piece. It just has a happy feeling to it, without being too bubbly.

"Yokogao" is much more upbeat than "Hoshi no Nai Sekai". While the focus is still on the electric guitar and piano, it also throws in some electric piano as well. There's a real nice string interlude as well, keeping in pace with the rest of the piece. This track's strength is definitely its catchy rhythm with a bit of a loss in the quality of the melody. It's still quite good though.

"Renai," the last song on the single, follows the similar piano / electric guitar focus of the previous pieces. Out of all the pieces, I do think the use of electric guitar in this one is definitely the best. Pulling out no stops, the performance features some nice vocals, although a tad bit more annoying than the other two songs, a nice jazzy feel in the piano line, and a pretty good electric guitar solo.

There are also instrumental versions of "Yokogao" and "Hoshi No Nai Sekai" in case you knew the lyrics and wanted to do some karaoke!


Aiko's single is really quite something. Each of the pieces focuses on the piano and electric guitar, but each song offers a very nice contrast between the two. While the single isn't the best, I do think that whatever songs do play in the game itself really help to lift up a horrible soundtrack. If you like Aiko, I definitely recommend getting this, although I'm sure that if she doesn't have a full album release since this single, she will soon and I'm sure there will be reprises.

Overall Score: 8/10