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Darius Burst -Another Chronicle- Mini Soundtrack :: Review by Don

Darius Burst -Another Chronicle- Mini Soundtrack Album Title: Darius Burst -Another Chronicle- Mini Soundtrack
Record Label: Enterbrain
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: October 30, 2010
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This mini album was a bonus for the December 2010 issue of Arcadia magazine. It features two tracks by Shohei Tsuchiya, originally composed for Dariusburst, but now featured in the arcade version, Dariusburst Another Chronicle. In addition, there is a track performed by Remi. It provides a small taste of some of the new music featured in the arcade game.


The track opens with "Suite: From Photoconductivity -1st Tune: Iron Fossil First Half Section-," the track performed by Remi. It's a very haunting piece of music with some bass guitar work to give it a gloomy atmosphere. It manages to incorporate a bit of "Iron Fossil" from the first Darius game with some original sections too. Overall, it's a very beautiful theme.

The second theme, "Opposition," has a very discordant nature. Passages of upbeat nature transition into successive passages dominated by heavy percussion, progressive rock keyboards, and ominous bell chimes. In the end, it's a very fitting theme for the new Dariusburst game, given the style of the first game.

"Departure" is more similar in style to "Goodbye, my earth" from the original game. Intense percussion, occasional vocal samples, and distorted brass make up the majority of the theme. It's not among Tsuchiya's best, but is still a respectable addition to the series.


In the end, this small bonus isn't really worth seeking out via the magazine, especially if you are an importer. If you live in Japan, it may be worth picking up, given the magazine may have some good articles, but if you are going to import it just for the music, you may want to pass due to the brevity of the selection.

Overall Score: 4/10