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Chaosfield Special Bonus CD 2009 :: Review by Don

Chaosfield Special Bonus CD 2009 Album Title: Chaosfield Special Bonus CD 2009
Record Label: Sweep Record
Catalog No.: SREX-0006
Release Date: August 14, 2009
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This bonus CD was given out as a pre-release at Comiket76 for those who ordered the reprint soundtrack to Chaosfield entitled Chaosfield Soundtrack -Oldie but GoodiE-. Featuring two remixes by k.h.d.n., it features new approaches to the music heard on the original soundtrack.


The first arrangement, "human's figure - N.O.MIX 2009," still manages to combine that sense of exhilarating calm heard in the original, but with some nice new synth accompaniments and some interesting new beats. Overall, it's not one that deviates much from the original, but it's still quite an enjoyable listen.

The second arrangement, "spinout-remix 2009," on the other hand, is probably the best arrangement of it to date. The beats are so much more interesting than the original, focusing on a bit more intensity and speed, and the introduction of the main melody, in all its crystalline glory, when the beat is dropped is inspiring. Throw in the crystalline synth with the beat and it's a perfect match up.


Given this was a bonus, it isn't for sale. You might be able to find a copy using Yahoo Japan Auctions if you are really interested in it. The first remix is quite enjoyable, even though it doesn't do too much to deviate, but the second remix is absolutely astounding.

Overall Score: 8/10