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Chaosfield Special Bonus CD Vol. 2 :: Review by Don

Chaosfield Special Bonus CD Vol. 2 Album Title: Chaosfield Special Bonus CD Vol. 2
Record Label: Milestone
Catalog No.: STRV-003
Release Date: February 24, 2005
Purchase: Buy at eBay


This CD was given out as a bonus pre-release for those who ordered the soundtrack to ChaosField. Featuring two remixes by k.h.d.n., it features new approaches to the music heard on the original soundtrack.


The first remix, by Daisuke Nagata, is entitled "kairo -CFL room738-" and is a remix of the image track from the original. Given that the original was less than a minute long, this remix is clearly an expansive and unique approach to the original. Featuring some heavy hip-hop/R&B beats, some fantastic atmospheric synth usage, some more spacey and futuristic sound effects, and some ominous piano. Overall, it's a fantastic expansion upon the original.

The second arrangement, by Kou Hayashi, is of the select music. Entitled "25mg feat. FUE," combines the ethereal nature of the original with more techno-based beats rather than electronic ones, although those aree still present in the arrangement as well.

The biggest addition to this mix is the addition of FUE, a female vocalist who adds some spoken word into the mix. It gives it an interesting sense of atmosphere and really brings out the music, in an odd way. There are also some nice chiptune harmonies thrown into the mix at times. It's a nice calm arrangement, but also offers some energy, and in the end, manages to surpass the original.


Given this was a bonus, it isn't for sale. You might be able to find a copy using Yahoo Japan Auctions if you are really interested in it. Both remixes here are quite expansive and definitely improve upon the originals. I prefer this bonus CD to the first volume, personally.

Overall Score: 8/10