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Bible Master 2 :: Review by Don

Bible Master 2 Album Title: Bible Master 2
Record Label: Datam Polystar
Catalog No.: POCH-2212
Release Date: September 1, 1994
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Before Tenpei Sato started working for Nippon Ichi Software, he composed for a variety of companies, including Telenet Japan, Right Stuff, Glodia, and Birdie Software. Bible Master 2 is a short album composed during his days at Glodia. While I can't really describe the game, from what I have read, Glodia produced a few RPGs and strategy RPGs in their day. How does this music sound compared to some of his newer stuff?


Bible Master 2 has a variety of themes in it. While some stick to a standard orchestral fare, there are a few that deviate a bit from the norm. The title theme, "Bible Master" is a nice rock/electronica blend of instruments, in addition to throwing in the occasional classic instrument, which throws a lot of energy at the listener. The wailing guitars really make this track.

"El-Ved Theme" has a semi-progressive rock feel to it, despite not using keyboards. The ambient focus, combined with an interesting rhythm, helps to make that track stand out among others. Throw in the English vocals and you have a pretty catchy piece of music. "Character Makers" is another vocal piece; however, it relies more on a bubbly melody and vocalist performance. Unfortunately, this track doesn't impress me at all.

Moving onto the orchestral stuff, we get on to some of my favorite pieces. "Second Seal" is, without a doubt, my favorite piece on the album. The beautifully crafted melody is only heightened through the instrumentation. The combination of piano and violin, sure to get me every time, gives a very sorrowful feel. The layering seen in the strings is also a very nice development. "Agria's Tragedy," a piano piece with string work on occasion, also accentuates the sad tones heard on this soundtrack. It really does describe a tragedy quite well.

Unfortunately, some of the themes don't really impress me either. The "Character Makers," "Starting Match", and "Winning Match" themes, while not bad compositions, are just a bit boring. Sure, there are sections within each that catchy my interest, but overall, the standard orchestration these two pieces receive doesn't seem to do the melodies justice.


Compared to his newer works, Bible Master 2 can definitely be considered a bit different. However, at the same time, you can hear the influence in future soundtracks in this piece. There are a few keepers here, but the rest are just rather mediocre. It's a fun, yet serious, soundtrack and for fans of Tenpei Sato, there is going to be something here for you. It's worth checking out though!

Overall Score: 7/10