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Sonic the Hedgehog Remix :: Review by Charles

Sonic the Hedgehog Remix Album Title: Sonic the Hedgehog Remix
Record Label: Alfa Music
Catalog No.: ALCA-5023
Release Date: December 7, 1994
Purchase: Buy at eBay


Sonic the Hedgehog Remix is a very odd album indeed. There are a lot of vocal and techno remixes of old Sonic music and it feels out of place and not very fun. The arrangement credits go to hata-bow, o-gata, which are actually just nicknames for the original composers Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata. I'm a little hesitant about where they took this remix album.


The album starts off with a very funky style track called "Love You Sonic". I honestly couldn't tell you what tracks this may have been remixed from given how scarce the source material is. Even if I could, the tracks are so drastically different from Sonic music that it doesn't really matter. Just like its successor "Dr. Gigglymen", the remix is extremely funky and also just boring. A lot of these tracks seem to play with 90s pop trends when it comes to the beats and vocal distortions. Maybe it's just stuck in its time.

"Techno Power Mix" is just annoying really. The dabs of vocals sound weird and distorted over a generic techno beat. I just don't see fans liking this. "Brand New World" is a bit catchier and fun when it comes to techno. It's good, and uses the old-school sounds in a positive way that helps me understand the point of the album. The singer is a bit annoying, but if you like J-Pop, maybe you will still like this one. "8th Space" is another techno piece and it is a bit repetitive and long, though at least thematicaally recognisable. "Sonic Stream" is the same way, but a bit more pleasant to the ears.

"Miracle Blue ~ Little" has a laid back, beachy bossa-nova sound. While it brings diversity to the album, it's also pretty generic and boring. But hey, someone out there probably wants to hear their favorite Sonic tune turned into a relaxing beach theme and it somewhat fits the franchise. "When We Reach For You" goes back to that funky feel with some weird and silly sounding vocals. I really don't think any of this works with Sonic music. It's not really that fun to hear even for the novelty value...


It's funny, because I can totally picture vocal Sonic music these days with all the new games out there that use vocals and funky music. However, this material is just odd. Maybe it was because it was for the fun of it, or maybe it was experimental, but I just can't say I'm a fan. I like Sonic music from the old to the new, but this is not any of that.

Overall Score: 4/10