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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Sound Plus :: Review by Charles

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Sound Plus Album Title: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Sound Plus
Record Label: Club Nintendo
Catalog No.: Promotional
Release Date: April 15, 2004
Purchase: Buy at eBay


There's a brand new instrument in Kirby music! Yes, the composers have added bass guitar to all your favorites this time around in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Sound Plus. It may have been because it's an easy instrument to replicate on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, but either way it gives an interesting feel to these Kirby themes. Some start to even sound a bit like Castlevania themes! This album has some or the most original material of any Kirby game (with exception to the "plus" part). Sadly enough, most of these pieces have never been heard again in another Kirby game. This is a one-time show for now, so let's see what it has to offer. Oh, and the "plus" in the title represents the numerous bonus fully orchestrated tracks in the final section. Any Kirby fan is in for treat whether they liked Kirby & The Amazing Mirror or not.


The Kirby & The Amazing Mirror tracks featured from the start of the album are all new tracks to the Kirby series. On one hand, most tracks are pretty forgettable. On the other hand, a few may grow on you over time. This album contains many themes that are surprisingly uncatchy compared to other Kirby theme. They all have a retro Super Nintendo feel to them, and as I jokingly mentioned, with extra bass guitar. It's no joke though. Every theme has a Game Boy Advance bass guitar sound in it, some more than others. There's nothing wrong with the bass guitar, but the way it sounds in this album doesn't really suck me into the music.

The overworld theme "Forest & Natural Area" has a strong march essence yet is also a fast-paced flowing theme. It's probably one of the weakest Kirby overworld theme ever composed, however. I think one of the most normal Kirby themes would be "Castle and Building Area", but it's definitely a little too usual and not a highlight of this album. In fact, there are no real highlights at all on the beginning half of the album. Most of these themes are overshadowed by the second half of the album.

Starting with the track called "Waddle Dee", there is a lovely variety of fully orchestrated Kirby tracks. They range from cute orchestrated medleys of the Kirby victory song to full-fledged arrangements of "Green Greens" and "Fountain of Dreams" similar to the arrangements of the album called Smashing Live. All of these songs are amazingly fun to listen to and I'd say they are pretty much a Kirby fans dream. "Waddle Dee" and "Ultimate Iron Man" are crisp, clear, and adorable to say the least. They are very short, but they charm the ears between more serious tracks, and I would not call them filler at all. There is a very nice electric guitar / organ remix of "Dedede's Race" that was composed very nicely.

"Fountain of Dreams" is one of the most amazing pieces of classical video game music to ever grace the earth. I'm sure so many people are overly familiar with the theme already, but try to listen with fresh ears if possible. It's an amazing arrangement, and I just love the oboe and clarinet runs and the brass section calls. All this music is a great addition and makes owning the Kirby & the Amazing Mirror soundtrack even more enjoyable. It could even be considered "Best of Kirby" album material.


It's obvious that Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Sound Plus is worth it even if it's just for the ending tracks. Some might find pleasure in the new Kirby tunes, although not the strongest batch ever composed. Most will probably only enjoy the ending tracks, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Overall Score: 7/10