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Elebits - The Smile of You

The Smile of You ~Theme from Elebits~ Alternative Title: N/A
Composition: Naoyuki Sato
Arrangement: N/A
Lyrics: Margaret Lucy
Vocals: Jessy

Lyrics - Original English Version

The twilight is twinkling the town tonight
Streetlamps blink their orange
Lighting the smiles of you and me
Taking me back to memories

Walking the pavement we once shared
Someone's calling my name
Nothing stays the same

The black night when you left I couldn't smile
Then just for a while I dreamed of
You coming back to dry all my tears
I swallowed my fear of losing

You my friend I may never see again
But I'll keep on hoping
Tears will turn to smiles

Heart to heart, if only all my dreams came true
Smile to smile, laughing just with you
Look up and touch the very same stars with me
Friend to friend, doing anything we can to share
Hand to hand knowing that you care
I'll wait for you no matter what the future may bring

The autumn reminds me of a bravery past
How long do friends last I wonder
Waiting to see you smiling again
My special friend I remember...

When I feel that I am not alone
When I feel you closer
Then miracles are born

Heart to heart, ever since the time I first met you
Smile and shine, knowing that you're mine
Hold on and dream the very same dream with me
Friend to friend, we can share our special destinies
Hand to hand knowing that we'll be
True friends that smile together so faithfully

The key we share
The courage to believe
Even in the darkest night we will be all right

Heart to heart, gonne free ourselves from any fright
Smile to smile, come on and shine your light
Look up and touch the very same stars with me
Friend to friend, think of all the love we have to share
Hand to hand, we're not afraid to care
Let's shine our smiles all over the whole universe

Albums Featured In

Album Title Catalog No.
The Smile of You ~Theme from Elebits~ POCE-7348