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Special Features :: Interviews

Japan Productions Western Productions Concert Productions Fan Productions

On a weekly basis, Square Enix Music Online conducts interviews with important game music artist from across the world. We provide the most thorough and insightful interviews available for a range of Japanese and Eastern composers. We also offer interviews with sound engineers, concert producers, orchestra managers, vocalists, and fan arrangers.

Last Published Interviews

Apr. 2011: Frank Klepacki
Command & Conquer icon on breadth of scores and solo works
Apr. 2011: Crysis 2 Music Team
Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu discuss the making of Crysis 2's soundtrack
Apr. 2011: Arnie Roth
Arnie Roth discusses the recent developments of the Distant Worlds tour
Apr. 2011: Bear McCreary
Battlestar Galactica legend discusses SOCOM 4, Dark Void, and new television works
Apr. 2011: Marc Canham
Driver and Far Cry composer on artistic scores, session orchestras, and band licensing
Mar. 2011: Soyo Oka
Super Mario Kart and SimCity composer on returning to game music
Mar. 2011: Shusaku Uchiyama, Takeshi Miura
Darkside Chronicles composers discuss history of Resident Evil series
Mar. 2011: Andrew Aversa (zircon)
Popular OverClocked remixer and indie game composer on going pro
Mar. 2011: Peter McConnell
The diverse composer reminisces on LucasArts scores and talks recent projects
Feb. 2011: Yuzo Koshiro
The versatile innovator and icon reminisces on his 25 year career
Feb. 2011: Jamie Christopherson
Lost Planet composer on international collaborations with Capcom, KOEI, NCsoft
Feb. 2011: Shoichiro Sakamoto
The double life of an official game composer and indie record producer
Feb. 2011: Sean Murray
The composer of the best-seller Black Ops recollects career highlights
Jan. 2011: Jason Graves Revisited
The composer returns to detail Dead Space 2's impressive score
Jan. 2011: Rom Di Prisco
The Need For Speed veteran reminisces after the release of his debut album
Jan. 2011: Naofumi Tsuruyama, Takuya Hanaoka, Kayoko Matsushima
The team of Salamander Factory discuss the evolution of Super Robot Taisen's music
Dec. 2010: Rafael Dyll
Soldner-X's composer on transition from demoscener to industry professional
Dec. 2010: Takashi Tateishi
Mega Man 2's composer on quitting composition for vocal production
Dec. 2010: Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Capcom's former sound team leader is now a high-profile sound editor
Nov. 2010: Manami Matsumae
Mega Man's composer on her life and works beyond the blue bomber
Nov. 2010: Mega Man 1 & 2 Sound Team Reunited
SaGa composer numerous recent game, vocal, and concert productions
Nov. 2010: Kenji Ito
SaGa composer numerous recent game, vocal, and concert productions
Oct. 2010: Michael Curran & Geoff Knorr
On the making of a deep and interactive soundtrack for Civilization V
Oct. 2010: Symphonic Poem Insight
Thomas Boecker and Jonne Valtonen on portraying Link's journey with music
Oct. 2010: Peter Connelly
British composer openly reflects on Tomb Raider and racing game works
Oct. 2010: Hitoshi Sakimoto Revisited
An introduction to the composer and a discussion of current plans
Oct. 2010: Torsten Rasch
Contemporary composer on transforming Samus and Rammstein for orchestra
Sep. 2010: CHiCO & Tomori Kudo
ACE talk to us about their life and works before Xenoblade
Sep. 2010: Steve Burke
Kameo and Kinect composer on life after Rare (with MP3 supplement)
Sep. 2010: Joris de Man
Dutch composer on the symphonic scores for the Killzone series and beyond
Sep. 2010: Osamu Kubota
The multifaceted on artist on projects from beatmania to switch to Granado Espada
Aug. 2010: Borislav Slavov
The orchestral and ethnic music for WorldShift, Risen, and Two Worlds II
Aug. 2010: Shunsuke Tsuchiya
Young composer discusses composition and manipulation roles on 'Arc' series
Aug. 2010: Kevin Riepl
Versatile composer on Crackdown 2, Gears of War, and Aliens: Colonial Marines
Aug. 2010: Hideyuki Fukasawa
The incredible force behind the Street Fighter IV and Shin Onimusha soundtracks
Aug. 2010: Tenpei Sato
A definitive autobiographical interview with the Nippon Ichi musical mastermind