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Xenosaga Episode I :: Liner Notes Translated by Ben Schweitzer

Xenosaga Episode I Album Title: Xenosaga Episode I
Record Label: Sleigh Bells
Catalog No.: SBPS-0004/5 (2nd Edition)
Release Date: May 19, 2004
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Yasunori Mitsuda - Composer

Two years to the day have passed since the first soundtrack for Xenosaga Episode I was released, but in that period, a soundtrack with different emphases from the original has been echoing in my head. More than that, the world of those echoes was my true musical world, so I wanted to somehow express that sensation in an album for everyone to listen to. The former soundtrack had become out of print due to certain circumstances, and this time those circumstances matched well with everyone who told me "it should be reprinted", so I released a new version of Xenosaga Episode I with a new design.

In this album, the live-performed music and the synthesizer music are split into Disc One and Disc Two, and I believe that it allows one to feel the atmosphere of the music itself even more. To listen to the pieces one by one like this will give a completely different impression from the previous version to all of you. Whatever disc you listen to, each will, with its various techniques, express various parts of the Xenosaga world, and you will better understand the music that I have suggested for Xenosaga. Furthermore, since this set includes the part that I had not yet expressed, "World to be Born", this set is the completion of the Xenosaga Episode I within me.

If I dare to say it, this album is something of a dismantling of the project, Xenosaga, from a musical standpoint. If you take all of these fragments and leave none behind, I am sure that you will enjoy a different Xenosaga. Here, once again, I hope you enjoy this new Xenosaga world.