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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Clap & Love - Ayaka :: Review by Don

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Clap & Love - Ayaka Album Title: Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Clap & Love - Ayaka
Record Label: Warner Music Japan
Catalog No.: WPCL-10428
Release Date: September 12, 2007
Purchase: Buy at CDJapan


Released in conjunction with Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, this vocal single showcased the featured vocal theme "Why" from the game. It was a collaborative effort by Ayaka and Yoshihiko Nishio, and arranged by L.O.E. So, what do I think...


The first track I'll mention is "Clap & Love". For some reason, Ayaka's voice reminds me of a Japanese Kelly Clarkson. It's very deep and very powerful. I love the focus on clapping, some nice guitar work, and the occasional group chorus that accents the vocals. Sounding a bit like a gospel work, it's quite an interesting track, although I'm not entirely moved by it. It is fun though!

"Peace Loving People," which is a live recording, starts off with Ayaka addressing the crowd. It's another great song if you ask me. I love the happy, bubbly feeling, with a hint of a rustic atmosphere from the acoustic guitar. There also seems to be a hint of a Celtic nature, although not strong, from the violin sections. It's one of my favorites on the single.

Lastly, I'll mention "Why," the track featured on the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII game. This track takes a much softer approach to the other pieces, fitting in with the standard Final Fantasy vocal performance. Once again, Ayaka's voice is quite powerful. Keeping in tune with many of Ishimoto's rock tracks, this one also focuses the electric guitar, much better than his tracks, mind you. The contrast between the powerful vocals and the subtle piano is another thing that catches my interest. The electric guitar solo is also quite nice.

There are also karaoke versions of "Clap & Love" and "Why" in case you feel you could be the next American Idol.


Ayaka's single for Crisis Core:Final Fantasy VII features a lot of good performances. All three songs showcase Ayaka's powerful voice and her compositional skills. While there isn't much on the CD to begin with, you might be better off waiting for a full album release from Ayaka, sure to feature at least a few reprises, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to pick up either.

Overall Score: 8/10