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Submissions Guidelines :: Music Files

Thank you for considering submitting a music file to the site. We accept fan arrangements, official sheet music scans, and official MIDIs:

Submitting Fan Arrangements

All fan arrangements for the site can be found here. Please note the following before making submissions of your own fan arrangements:

  • Content: We accept fan arrangements for any game whether covered on the site otherwise or not. We don't like to unnecessarily restrict our contributors or visitors and feel this significantly enhances our compendium.
  • Style and Instruments: We accept music written for any instrument(s) and in any style. We're most known for solo piano arrangements but we've got a sizeable and growing number of arrangements for other ensembles and even some techno and rock remixes.
  • Originality: We expect your arrangements to be your own work and distinct from official sheet music scans. Transcriptions are only acceptable where sheet music books are unavailable. Do not accept incomplete work.
  • Naming Conventions: It's much easier for us if you use the title translations provided on our album pages rather than producing an obscurely named title. It's much easier for users if they know exactly what arrangements they are downloading.
  • Formats: The formats of music we accept are Finale (.mus), Sibelius (.sib), PDF (.pdf), MIDI (.mid), MP3 (.mp3), or anything image-based (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, etc.). If you have multiple image files constituting one piece of music, please zip them up before sending them. Please send arrangements in batch if you have more than one. Before submitting Sibelius files, please be sure to enable the print function. Otherwise, users will be unable to print your file.

Please submit your arrangement to resk [at] as an attachment. Please include your name as you would like it to appear on the site in the body of your email. Also include the arrangement title, associated game, and any other relevant comments. You should expect your arrangements on the site within 10 days if accepted.

Submitting MIDIs

For albums that do not currently have official MIDIs available for download, you are welcome to sequence your own MIDIs for these albums and submit them. If whole albums have no MIDIs included, it is preferable that you submit a collection of MIDIs, rather than just submit one MIDI.

The MIDIs should be sequenced so that they sound as close to the original material as possible. It is recommended that you do this directly from official sheet music, if available, unless you are particularly good at transcribing by ear or have an MP3-MIDI converter. You will be thanked for your work on the site.

Please submit your MIDIs to resk [at] as an attachment. Please try to follow naming conventions of the album pages.

Submitting Scans

For sheet music books that do not currently have scans available for download, you are welcome to submit your own scans having purchased the relevant books. If whole books have no scans included, it is preferable that you submit a collection of scans rather than just one. Please submit high-resolution image-based scans (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, etc.) or PDF files. You will be thanked for your work on the site.

Please submit your scans to chris [at] as an attachment. Please try to follow naming conventions of the sheet music pages.