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31 Dec 2009 - Confirmed: Junya Nakano Leaves Square Enix


Junya Nakano has left Square Enix after 14 years at the company. He confirmed the news today when joining the VGM Sound Creator's Alliance along with Noisycroak's Keisuke Ito. However, his destination in 2010 remains to be revealed.

Over the years, Nakano has made an impact with his rhythm-focused ambient music. Formerly a Konami employee, he entered Square Enix in 1995 and subsequently made his mark on titles such as Threads of Fate, Another Mind, and Final Fantasy X. However, in recent years, he has taken a small role at the company, arranging for Dawn of Mana and Final Fantasy X, and occasionally making compositions such as for Project Sylpheed and Musashi: Samurai Legend. His latest roles were as an arranger for Final Fantasy XIII and a contributor to Music for Art.

Nakano is the latest high-profile employee to become a freelancer. He follows the precedent of Kenichiro Fukui who left Square Enix to become a freelancer. Other recent departures include Akira Yamaoka and Michiru Yamane from Konami, Tetsuya Shibata and Shusaku Uchiyama from Capcom, and Masafumi Takada from Grasshopper Manufacture. Rest assured we'll keep you informed about Nakano's future projects.

Source: GE-ON-DAN Official Site (Thanks Don)
Discuss: VGM Sound Creator's Alliance Discussion
Written by Chris Greening

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